Monday, September 13, 2010

What I Collect: #3 From the Sublime to the Ridiculous...60s Yardley Makeup, 1900s Dance Cards.

 It's not all chalkware heads and deco bronzes. I collect some odd stuff, too.  Yardley makeup was the  coolest thing in the world for teen girls in the mid to late sixties. Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy were their best known models, and the line advertised in the Beatles' concert programs and later on the tv show "The Monkees.
                                         Yardley ads from Seventeen Magazine, 1966-67

                            I loved these little "Heartbreaker eye makeup stacks. They were $3.00.                     

                                          Shadow,eye liner and concealer. 

                                          Scary white lipstick!!!! Why why why?

                                         Twiggy eye paint with white eye liner.

                                          Promotional 45 Record Hermit and the Hermits.

                                         3 Big hits, plus a song Yardley, The London Look.
                                                This line came out in 1968.

                                             The most popular item was Slicker lipstick.
                                       Glimmerick paint box eye shadows, mascara, and liplighter sets. No, I don't wear the makeup, it's just fun to have and look at, a real trip back into the past.  Speaking of the past.....
                                            How about dance cards from the early 1900s? These little gems usually come from estate scrapbooks. These date from 1895 (Silver Threads with landscape & Woman) to 1940, Sophomore Whiskerino. These were made for social events.  The dances & songs were listed with a space for the partner's name.                                            
                                           Some have two or three names, some have a different one for every dance. The cords are so the card can be worn around the wrist.   The ones from the World War I period have womens names as partners, I'm assuming that their young men were off fighting, but they went to the dance anyway.

                                         My favorite, it has a pencil attached. Wijodo Manlantra Club at the Bala Cynwyd Auditorium, 12/13/1913. Most of the cards start and end with a waltz. The other dances are usually the tango, trot, two step, polka, and the Paul Jones. The Paul Jones was a type of mixer, where at a given signal, dancers would switch partners.   These are relics of a world that doesn't exist any more. I always think of Zelda Fitzgerald being the belle of the ball in the South when I see these cards...the name of her one novel she wrote while in the sanitarium was "Save me the Waltz." 

                   My online store, RUBYLOGAN.COM, is now open featuring cards with vintage art I collect at flea markets. Dogs, chorus girl photos, and more to come. Look for our ad in the latest issue of Bark  Magazine.                                                                                                   


  1. I have a chalkware bust would you be interested in buying? Email me @

  2. I have a chalkware bust would you be interested in buying? Email me @

  3. i'm interested in purchasing some of the Yardley London Look products. Are you selling?